Metal processing by milling, turning and drilling with the help of modern CNC technology that guarantees high precision, quality and speed of making parts. Dimensions of machining center allows us to handle material dimensions 1270 x 508 x 508mm.


Our software includes MASTERCAM X9 , BRISCAD and CIMCO INTEGRATION . Thus, we are equipped to read most of the firmware ( .catpart, .step, .IGES., sldprt. ) We use the full potential of the most advanced CAD – CAM programming.


During the production process we conduct regular quality control. Every part of the product is measured with measuring instruments. We control the input materials, intermediate control and final inspection. Upon completion, the tests are taken over and the documentation is checked.


All the raw materials we use are ordered from trusted suppliers with proven quality. They are mainly partners from Slovenia and Austria. Relations with them allow us a superior quality at competitive prices. Materials are obtained with certificates and confirmation of quality.


Most of the metal parts and products require surface protection due to endurance and resistance. Aware of this fact, we provide most of the required surface protection on the market with our partners. Anodizing, burnishing, nitrating are just some of the protection we provide to our clients.


Our manufacturing process includes a manual cleaning and inspection of all parts of the product. We provide installation of helicoil inserts or tolerated pins

We are available to our clients

Support 24/7

We stand behind our products, our partners and our clients. Our service does not end with the delivery of the product. All the time we are available to our customers as quickly as possible, to perform the required service with a solid and competitive performance.

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Number one in the industry

Mastercam is the leading CAD / CAM product based on Windows PC, which, by the number of sold licenses, twice led his nearest competitor.

Mastercam offers greater width, and most features and options for a specific amount of money spent. The development team of engineers are continually advancing, improving and updating this complete software solution. From basic 2D milling, turning and wood processing to multi-axis simultaneous processing, Mastercam will always meet all the needs.

Number one in the high-speed processing (HST)mastercam

Mastercam Mill Level 3 contains 10 new HST effective treatment strategies.

The advantages of the new HST strategies are carried out in better quality surface in fine processing, higher feed (shorter processing time), soft input and output of materials and more durable tools. All these strategies of intelligent constant-load processing tools can be used in the simplest 2D, as well as for complex 3D processing. The result is better quality of the piece, higher productivity and increase profits.

Viewing and editing

Good NC editor now allows viewing and editing of the program, in addition, it’s offering special search function by the tool, reference points, has the option of re- numbering of blocks, simulating the processing and communication with the control unit via the RS – 232 interface. Specialty of Cimco Editor is intelligent comparison (file compare) two NC programs and the possibility of transferring the differences from one to the other. Any differences are clearly colored, and the text that is different is moved for as many blocks, so the rest of the program again catches in the same rows.



Bricsys® is a global supplier of dwg engineering design software (software) that is brought to market under the BricsCAD® brand. With a relentless commitment to the success of BricsCAD community, Bricsys is aimed at supporting industrial strength of CAD software engineering platforms and leading industries where it offers irresistible prices to customers in various fields. ( AEC, GIS, Construction, Processes and power, Mechanical CAD market). Bricsys is a core member of the Open Design Alliance.