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KAST Mechatronics is a company specialized for medium to highly complex CNC precision milling.

Machining materials, milling, turning and drilling with modern CNC technology guarantees high precision, quality and speed of producing parts. New product development and business expansion are strategic orientation of the company. Quality is imperative.

Basic business activities

Metal machining


Manufacturing other metal products

Products that the KAST Mechatronics company is manufacturing, are mostly from aluminum alloys, but other materials like stainless steel, steel, brass (two-component alloy of copper and zinc), plastic, titanium, etc. can be used in production. We have experience in fast delivery, an also a transport partner for a quick reaction for our clients in EU. We put big effort and hard work in our business, because we know our costumer’s desire for high quality products.  


Our vision is to become a leading company by reinforcing our competitive strength that will be based on quality and availability of the products. KAST Mechatronics company will strive to become a standard and criterion for quality and professionalism in every segment of business – customers first choice, a preferred employer for the employees, a reliable business partner and a firm with great social responsibility.


Through innovation, business optimization, motivated and highly educated employees, by following the latest trends and market situation, our mission is to continually give our every customer the best value for money and to diligently create new values for our business partners and environment in which the KAST Mechatronics company acts. For successful business, the firm wants to recognize the needs of our customers and be their reliable partner.

Our Goal

Since the establishment of KAST Mechatronics Ltd. work with a clear defined goal: to give our client a complete service, from developing projects to full assortment, help them in developing new parts and components, keep track of the dates, to door delivery and store products by the wishes of clients. All in one place. Quality and costs of manufacture are closely connected with the optimal designing of sophisticated parts.

Complete service all in one place

We offer our clients complete service, all in one place. From developing projects to full assortment, helping them in developing new parts and components.

We use the newest technology

We have quality programmers that use the most updated programs, using the full potential of the advanced CAD-CAM programming.

Respecting the deadlines

We keep track of the dates from manufacture and the agreed time of the door delivery or store products by the wishes of clients.


Our software includes MASTERCAM X9 , BRISCAD , CIMCO INTEGRATION AND SOLIDWORKS. Thus, we are equipped to read most of the firmware ( .catpart , .step , .IGES . , Sldprt . ) We receive all electronic information via email , Dropbox or Cloud. We have high-quality developers who use the most modern programs utilizing the full potential of the most advanced CAD – CAM programming.


Other activities aimed of the company KAT Mechatronics is cooperation with companies and organizations that are working prototypes and innovation. This way the company KAST Mechatronics wants to participate in the development of new products. In this regard, the company is working on innovative technologies and the creation of new own products. The company KAST Mechatronics provides the optimization of technological processes for all companies and thus act in synergy with rival companies.

Continuous quality control

In order to deliver a quality product to the customer, during the production process, we carry out continuous quality control, which includes:

Control of input materials (must match the specifications)

Intermediate control (control of every operation)

Final inspection (finished product must match the customer’s request)

Receiving tests (control product by the customer)

Control of documents to be sent to the customer, which is carried out according to established procedures


Convince yourself in our quality. Ask for a non-committal offer