The entrepreneurial concept was originate by the the need of the market in the metal machining sector. The additional motive in creating KAST Mechatronics was the desire to prove that with a good plan, hard work and determination a successful company can be run.

KAST Mechatronics specializes in medium to highly complex CNC precision milling. Our pride is top quality and delivery on time using The newest technologies utilizing the full capacity of our company. We have experience in emergency deliveries and a partner in transport for rapid response to our customers in the EU. We put a concerted effort in the quality of our product by knowing the desire of customers for high quality parts.

Our vision

To become the leading company in the region by supporting and enhancing our competitive strength, this will be based on the quality and availability of products. Company KAST Mechatronics will try to be the standard and measure of quality in all business segments. Customers first choice, the best employer to employees, reliable support to our business partners and socially responsible.

Our goal

Since its establishment, KAST Mechatronics Ltd. operates with a clearly defined goal: to provide the client a complete service, from project development to its implementation, assisting in the development of new parts and components, taking account of the dates of manufacture and delivery of services and store products according to the wishes of clients. All in one place.

Our mission

Through innovation, optimized business processes, education of employees, by following world trends and market conditions, continuously providing each customer the best value for money and create new value for business partners.

Our Strategy

New product development and business expansion are strategic orientation of the KAST company. Quality is imperative. In its creation, all current employees of the company are involved with their knowledge and skills. For a successful business, the company wants to recognize the needs of its clients and to be there a reliable partner.


The products made by the company KAST Mechatronics are mostly of aluminum alloys, but, if necessary, also out of other materials such as stainless steel, steel, brass, plastic, titanium and so on . We produce prototypes , limited series pieces and preparation for different industries . Our base are German, Austrian and Croatian market. As more companies are seeking outsourcing of their required services, they must seek partners in the industry who have the expertise to meet their unique needs . KAST Mechatronics is building value for our customers through reliable relationship, professional and works very hard in a wide range of industries including :

Automotive industry

Aerospace industry

Defense Industry

Pharmaceutical industry




Convince yourself in our quality. Ask for a non-committal offer.